Retaining Wall Designs

ABCO Engineering has designed walls for various applications including permanent walls and temporary shoring for excavation or fill projects. Our primary retaining wall experience is in Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls. We can provide an entire site design package that includes surveying, geotechnical investigation, grading design and retaining wall design. We often design walls as part of required construction project submittals.

Modular Block Walls

We have designed modular block walls using various block types and manufacturers. Our design team has completed designs of modular block walls for industrial, residential, and transportation projects.

Industrial Modular Block

Transportation Modular Block

Residential Modular Block

Gabion Wall

Pile and Lagging Walls

We design walls for temporary shoring and restricted access sites. We have designed pile and lagging walls for both permanent and temporary installation. Wall designs include steel or timber lagging with pre-drilled driven piles or concrete encased piles. Our designs have included deadman anchor supports.

Pile and Lagging for Temporary Shoring

Timber Pile and Lagging

Tieback Walls

We have designed tieback walls for temporary and permanent installations. Wall designs have included grouted anchors, helical anchors, driven un-grouted anchors, and anchors for repair of existing walls.

Grouted Anchor Tieback Wall

Rockery Walls

ABCO Engineering has designed rockery walls as a buttress to stabilize steep slopes. Rockery walls can be designed with or without additional reinforcement and can be incorporated into other types of wall design.

Rockery Walls

Reinforced Slopes

Where retaining walls are not necessary, but there is presence of un-stabilized slopes, slopes can be reinforced. Our experience includes designs using geogrid reinforcement, vegetative stabilizations, geotextiles and geocells.

Shallow Slope Failure

Reinforced Slope Completed with Erosion Control Blanket Surface

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