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Septic System Design

We have experience coordinating pressurized septic system designs. Our typical designs consist of pressurized sand mound systems; however, we also have experience with conventional gravity and recirculating gravel filter septic systems. For onsite wastewater treatment systems at commercial facilities, we can perform nutrient-pathogen studies and large soil absorption system designs.

When designing a septic system, ABCO Engineering follows the project through the installation of the system. ABCO Engineering prepares construction specification, bid documents, and performs construction observations and testing to meet the health department requirements.

Grading and Drainage

ABCO Engineering prepares grading and drainage plans, stormwater calculations, and designs both permanent and temporary detention and retention facilities for development projects. Completed development projects have included plan preparation for new facilities, analysis of failed facilities, and re-design of existing improvements.

Level 1 Nutrient Pathogen Study

We are familiar with the research required and design parameters for a Level 1 Nutrient Pathogen Study for individual and subsurface sewage disposal systems. Using the Phosphorus model currently implemented by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality we can determine onsite system surface water separation distance.

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